From a small conference lighting package consisting of a few fresnel lanterns and a dimmer to a full scale, “Rock’n'Roll” lighting system with moving heads, strobes and audience blinders, we’ve got it covered!

Lighting plays an extremely important part in creating the atmosphere you want at your event.

  • Up lighting of walls and alcoves can bring depth to an otherwise plain room.
  • Pin spotting of table centres at weddings and formal dinners adds a glow to each setting and allows you to turn off or dim the “house lights” to provide a more intimate feel for you and your guests.
  • In a live music environment a combination of moving head fixtures and theatrical haze / smoke can captivate your audiences’ attention. When operated by one of our experienced crew these effects will change in time with the beat and mood of the music.

Please have a browse through our gallery and pricelist to see what we can provide and get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.