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On 17th October 2013, Edinburgh’s Usher Hall saw the first full production date of Jamie Cullum’s Autumn tour, showcasing his new album,  ”Momentum”. 3DL&S’ director, Rich George had been approached to design and implement a lighting package to complement the visual element of the show.

After much deliberation and consultation with Cullum’s artistic and visuals director, Nickin Corrigan,the decision was made to have one large screen behind the band instead of two smaller ones flanking them on either side. The 10m x 3.7m screen was flown from the back truss so it touched the floor and acted as a lighting fixture of its own; when not showing IMAG footage it allowed the whole band to be silhouetted.

Pre production rehearsals were spent trying out various lighting states and experimenting with camera and fixture positioning, whilst the band rehearsed in front of us. After 4 days of building looks and programming we had a show which we ran through with the band on the final day.

 IMG_2069     IMG_2033     IMG_2029  

The bulk of the lighting package was supplied by Zig Zag Lighting (Leeds), which consisted almost entirely of Robe equipment; 4 x Robin Pointe, 12 Robin 600E Spot, 9 x Robin 100 LED Beam and 6 x Robin 600 LED Washes. The rest of the package comprised 14 x 2cell DMX moles, 2 Hazers and a followspot. This was supplemented by a small birdie package from 3DL&S. Lighting control was an Avolites  Tiger Touch 2010 supplied by our friends at Acclaimed Production.

The lighting equipment was spread over two trusses and the floor, with Cullum and each of the 4 band members having a 600E Spot behind them to provide backlighting effects. 5 x 2 cell moles were arranged in a semi-circle around the musicians to produce a low, glowing effect on the stage for certain numbers.

IMG_2053      IMG_2059     IMG_2040

Traveling all over the UK and Europe the tour played 35  shows over a 7 week period with a week off in between the UK and European stints. The tour stopped at several venues with lighting packages in situe, such as the Roundhouse, Camden, several Jazz festivals and The Riviera Club, Madrid; The fixture exchange feature on the Avolites desk proved very useful here!

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On the 18th March 2013 we moved into a new warehouse and office space. We’ve got 1700SQ ft of space to play with! The two storey premises has 1000SQ ft of storage downstairs and 700SQ ft of office space upstairs. Situated in the centre of Purley, 10 minutes away from the M25 we’re ideally placed to service central London, the home counties and further afield.

It took about a 2 months to get the place fully up and running yet we still managed to continue business with our first dry hire going out on day 2.  Now, half way through the busiest summer we’ve seen we’re glad of the extra space the premises afford us. Despite the lack of an internet connection until early May, we’ve installed a substantial IT network, transferred and re configured our VoiP system, added a CCTV and alarm system that covers the whole premises with remote storage and monitoring.

Here’s our new address details and everything you need to know about the new premises:

18 Hillside Avenue (Rear of 16 and 18a)

t:0203 627 2087

Office hours:
Monday – Friday 9:30am – 5:30pm

Things you should know:
- The largest van that will be able to access our road is a 3.5T luton
- Its best to reverse into the alleyway that leads up to us! Trust us!
- The coffee is always on!


3D was subcontracted by Fix-d Media Ltd to provide rigging, lighting and sound design services to Royal Russell School’s end of year prize giving and showcase event. Also in its second successful year, the event is held in the schools’ sports hall in which were flown a 34m and 13m truss, 2 projectors, PA and audience / house lighting equipment.

The event is a logistical challenge with over 5 school departments, grounds and maintenance crews working closely together with the sound, lighting and AV teams to ensure the smooth running of the pre production week and the event itself! Converting the hall into a venue that can hold around 1200 guests and students needs quite a lot of work; special floor covering is laid to protect the costly gym floor, around 1500m of cable, 44kw of power, 32 lighting fixtures, 28 channels of audio and 8 speakers were used on the event.

3D Supplied a metered mains distribution system for the whole event, dimming and lighting fixtures comprising 1200w Selecon Rama fresnels, ETC Source 4 profiles, Showtec M800 and Pixel bar 12 LED units and  a D&B Audioteknik Q series PA system and LS9-32 control desk took care of the audio.

The venue was left as is after the hour and a half long show to host a surprise party for a long serving member of staff who is retiring at the end of this summer. Plans are already in place for next years event!


Bloomsbury Summer Fete


This July, 3DL&S supported the Bloomsbury Summer Fete in its second successful year. Held in Bedford Square on a sunny Friday in June, the event is a joint initiative between the Bloomsbury Association and the Midtown Business Club and this year saw the world premier performance of EUROPA, an architectural opera composed and directed by Adam Donnen where the stage itself is the lead actor. The day’s activities were followed by an evening of live music from a variety of different acts, chosen by Tom Adamson, director of  Midtown Music.


3D supplied stage and site lighting, sound and power distribution equipment to the event.

The lighting was simple, yet effectiveA handful of PAR64s took care of stage lighting with 4 LED cans to add a little colour and highlite bits of the stage structure. The site and its vast tree canopy were lit with a large selection of 150w, 250w and 400w SON and MBI floods.

Sound reinforcement was provided by a D&B Q series system. 3 x Q subs and 3 x Q1 loudspeakers were deployed on each side of the stage with a Yamaha LS9 at front of house.

3D also supplied power distribution equipment to some 30 stalls, caterers, exhibitors and fairground rides and a bar, along with all production power from the square’s 2 x 63A TPNE supplies.

The event saw several thousand people pass through Bedford Square from 11am right through to our 10:30pm curfew.


Good Weekend Festival3D supplied the festival with 2 generators and power distribution equipment that powered the whole site, consisting of two stages, a bar tent, two catering stands and a handful of traders.

In addition to the temporary power supply, we also supplied a lighting package to the second stage, “The Den”. Effect lighting was in the form of 6 x Robe 300CT moving head spots, 4 x Chauvet Colorado Batten 72 Tour fixtures, a Martin atomic strobe and a Jem ZR24/7 Hazer. Face light was made up of 8 x PAR36 units which proved ample given the intimate nature of this stage.

Good Weekend FestivalFinally we provided a site lighting solution consisting of 500w halogen floods, 250w SON floods and 1000w PAR64 cans. These were gelled up and deployed mainly around The Den to make special features of the surrounding trees. A few extra floods filled in the gaps between the mobile lighting towers and highlighted a few of the more distant areas of the arena.

The event ran very smoothly, especially considering this was the festivals’ first year!


3D invest in LED Lighting

Spectral M800 IP

We searched long and hard, trying out many different manufacturers’ kit in varying formats; Single cell RGB(AW) and individual RGB(AW) LED fixtures in PAR, batten and block format.

Our final choices are both from Showtec, which after careful consideration provide good value for money and “bang for buck”. The Spectral M800 (pictured) is an IP67 rated LED PAR with 14 x RGB LEDs. These will be of great use for outdoor and arcitectural lighting.

Also added to the hire inventory are the Showtec Pixel Bar 12; an LED batten with 12 x 3w RGB cells, each individually addressable by DMX making this batten useful as an up lighting fixture and as a source viewed effect with a simple bit of pixel mapping.