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On 17th October 2013, Edinburgh’s Usher Hall saw the first full production date of Jamie Cullum’s Autumn tour, showcasing his new album,  ”Momentum”. 3DL&S’ director, Rich George had been approached to design and implement a lighting package to complement the visual element of the show.

After much deliberation and consultation with Cullum’s artistic and visuals director, Nickin Corrigan,the decision was made to have one large screen behind the band instead of two smaller ones flanking them on either side. The 10m x 3.7m screen was flown from the back truss so it touched the floor and acted as a lighting fixture of its own; when not showing IMAG footage it allowed the whole band to be silhouetted.

Pre production rehearsals were spent trying out various lighting states and experimenting with camera and fixture positioning, whilst the band rehearsed in front of us. After 4 days of building looks and programming we had a show which we ran through with the band on the final day.

 IMG_2069     IMG_2033     IMG_2029  

The bulk of the lighting package was supplied by Zig Zag Lighting (Leeds), which consisted almost entirely of Robe equipment; 4 x Robin Pointe, 12 Robin 600E Spot, 9 x Robin 100 LED Beam and 6 x Robin 600 LED Washes. The rest of the package comprised 14 x 2cell DMX moles, 2 Hazers and a followspot. This was supplemented by a small birdie package from 3DL&S. Lighting control was an Avolites  Tiger Touch 2010 supplied by our friends at Acclaimed Production.

The lighting equipment was spread over two trusses and the floor, with Cullum and each of the 4 band members having a 600E Spot behind them to provide backlighting effects. 5 x 2 cell moles were arranged in a semi-circle around the musicians to produce a low, glowing effect on the stage for certain numbers.

IMG_2053      IMG_2059     IMG_2040

Traveling all over the UK and Europe the tour played 35  shows over a 7 week period with a week off in between the UK and European stints. The tour stopped at several venues with lighting packages in situe, such as the Roundhouse, Camden, several Jazz festivals and The Riviera Club, Madrid; The fixture exchange feature on the Avolites desk proved very useful here!

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