Conference and corporate

3D was subcontracted by Fix-d Media Ltd to provide rigging, lighting and sound design services to Royal Russell School’s end of year prize giving and showcase event. Also in its second successful year, the event is held in the schools’ sports hall in which were flown a 34m and 13m truss, 2 projectors, PA and audience / house lighting equipment.

The event is a logistical challenge with over 5 school departments, grounds and maintenance crews working closely together with the sound, lighting and AV teams to ensure the smooth running of the pre production week and the event itself! Converting the hall into a venue that can hold around 1200 guests and students needs quite a lot of work; special floor covering is laid to protect the costly gym floor, around 1500m of cable, 44kw of power, 32 lighting fixtures, 28 channels of audio and 8 speakers were used on the event.

3D Supplied a metered mains distribution system for the whole event, dimming and lighting fixtures comprising 1200w Selecon Rama fresnels, ETC Source 4 profiles, Showtec M800 and Pixel bar 12 LED units and  a D&B Audioteknik Q series PA system and LS9-32 control desk took care of the audio.

The venue was left as is after the hour and a half long show to host a surprise party for a long serving member of staff who is retiring at the end of this summer. Plans are already in place for next years event!