Bloomsbury Summer Fete


This July, 3DL&S supported the Bloomsbury Summer Fete in its second successful year. Held in Bedford Square on a sunny Friday in June, the event is a joint initiative between the Bloomsbury Association and the Midtown Business Club and this year saw the world premier performance of EUROPA, an architectural opera composed and directed by Adam Donnen where the stage itself is the lead actor. The day’s activities were followed by an evening of live music from a variety of different acts, chosen by Tom Adamson, director of ¬†Midtown Music.


3D supplied stage and site lighting, sound and power distribution equipment to the event.

The lighting was simple, yet effectiveA handful of PAR64s took care of stage lighting with 4 LED cans to add a little colour and highlite bits of the stage structure. The site and its vast tree canopy were lit with a large selection of 150w, 250w and 400w SON and MBI floods.

Sound reinforcement was provided by a D&B Q series system. 3 x Q subs and 3 x Q1 loudspeakers were deployed on each side of the stage with a Yamaha LS9 at front of house.

3D also supplied power distribution equipment to some 30 stalls, caterers, exhibitors and fairground rides and a bar, along with all production power from the square’s 2 x 63A TPNE supplies.

The event saw several thousand people pass through Bedford Square from 11am right through to our 10:30pm curfew.